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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sin City again

O.K. my travel arrangements are done and the Shadow will be back to Vegas in early May. The difference is that this trip will be exclusively for poker. I plan to play 1-2 tournaments per day and log at least 40 hours for cash games. I think I will play mainly $4-8 limit (but we will see).
Added 03/22/05: Just made my tournament schedule - and if I make it two tourney's per day (morning / evening) it will be a tough one. Don't think that I can log more than 32 hours cash game in Vegas, but will have two more days in L.A. after that.

One of the highlights will be of course the (at this time) newly opend Wynn Casino. And you can be sure that I try to play some poker here ;-)
On the way home I will have a short stop in L.A. and make a visit to the well known Commerce Casino. A place that can be called poker heaven but is avoided by advanced BJ players due to the crappy rules of non-indian casinos in California.

So I feel a little bit like I started with BJ in September 2000. My BR will be lower than on my last BJ trips (as well as my playing level). The big difference is that this time a lot of the travel is comped by "friendly" casinos due to my last BJ action. That makes it much easier to try to cover the travel costs.

So what do I expect?
If I go for the "Standard Expectations" I can expect between $400 and $800 for the cashgames. This won't cover all of the remaining travel expenses but again this trip is for building up expertise. Not mainly for making a lot of cash.
And the tournaments? I have no idea - this will be the big surprise. As Doyle Brunson said: "There are not many players that are successfull at tournament & cash poker. Luckily I am one of them". I am still not confident which one I like more and in which one I create the better results.

So if the time of the vacation approaches I will keep you informed about the things that happen in Sin City...but until then I still have to do a lot of homework to brush up my poker knowledge.


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