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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Online Poker isn't for everyone

In the time after my last US trip and the start of this blog I played a lot of online poker. Not enough to create statistically usable results - but enough to find out that online poker isn't my thing. In fact: I hate it!

I must say I'm the traditional type of a "geek". Whenever possible I do the things I have to do with my computer. Email, chat, blogging etc. If it can't be done with a computer I don't like it. So I was expecting that online poker would be a great thing for me. In general I belive that a lot of people can make a ton of money by playing online poker. The quality of the players is bad, really bad. But I can't. Why? Because I play different than in a B&M casino. I play as tight pre-flop but after that I tend to loosen up too much playing online. I play flops and turns and go to showdowns I never would in a B&M casino.

One thing I learned from Black Jack is patience. Counting a 6D game can be boring over hours. Poker can be boring too if you play tight. You fold a lot of hands pre-flop. But by playing online you lose focus easily. If it gets boring than you watch TV, play multi-tables or whatever. Then after a while you get a good hand, but are you focused enough to give all your attention to this hand to play it correctly? Some may - but I'm not.

Online poker is a dangerous game - at least for me. I will continue to play online tournaments but I don't play cash games anymore.

So I am happy to be able to play at a nice B&M cardroom tonight with real people.


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