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Monday, June 27, 2005

My first live limit tournament

Played my first live limit tournament and I liked it - despite the fact that I didn't made it into the money.
I was able to keep an average stack around the first 2 hours until the break. I played exactly four hands in that time. Won two (a big pot and a small one) and lost two (a big one and a small one). The big loss was JJ vs. QQ. The small loss resulted in a fold on the turn. Good fold as I was running into Quad-Aces.
At the break I checked the other tables and as expected there were a lot of short stacks around (even 4 eliminations so far).
I played very tight in the early stages but hoped for some more premium hands. But with an average stack it was still o.k.
After the break it was time to add some more action to to my play as the blinds started to hurt a little (I hadn't played suited connectors, low pairs etc. in the first levels). Unfortunatly I wasn't able to catch anything playable for the next 90 minutes.
After they broke another table there was some confusion due to the fact that 2 players next to the button on our table got busted in the same round (and two new players came in just before the other table broke). They told me to move to another table at a positiion were I had to pay the big blind one round later. As I already paid my blind on this table I complained and was allowed to keep my seat. Bad mistake!
The next round I was dealt AJs with an J43 on the flop. I was up to only one opponent which was a decent player but made a lot of fancy plays with his big stack. I was sure he hadn't anything on the flop. The turn was blank and I had to go all-in to make a bet. As it turned out I was partially right. He hadn't much at this time (56s) but the 7 of spades on the river ended my night giving him a straight flush.
Too bad, that pot would have more than doubled my stake and I was sure I would have made it to the money as people continued to drop out quite fast.

Limit tournaments are slow in the beginning and you need patience. But they also need a lot more skill than no-limit tornaments.


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