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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My first straight flush and a strange hand

I played an internet tournament yesterday and made my first straight flush (8 to Q of spades). This was like you read it in the book. I already had Q,9 being the big blind. The flop brought 10,J,x. It was checked around, the turn was blank and some bets were made. With probably enough outs for a straight or flush I had sufficient pot odds to make the call. River: 8 of spades :-))) Nice medium size bet, got one caller and took the pot. Now that was great!

About an hour later this remarkable hand happend:
Short stacked with AQo I had somebody going all-in. As this was my best hand for a while I gave it a shot and went all-in, too. Two more went all-in for a total of four people (one had us covered slightly - so technically he wasn't all-in). The guy who went all-in first showed 88 (all that happend pre-flop!) the other two showed AQo (uups). Looked like 88 would take down a monster pot. But no, poker is a real beast. We made it to a three way tie by rivering an A high straight. The poor 88 got busted. This guy was really #$%&. And I can understand him. Never seen that before.


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