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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Running dry

I am on an amazing bad streak since May. I evaluated and re-evaluated my play but I always end at the same conclusion:

I still have to learn a lot and I still make to many mistakes. But beside that my results are worse due to the fact that I get awful bad cards for a long time.
I had similar times in BJ and I know these bad streaks can last for months. But it's hard if you try to build up your poker bankroll.

Yesterday was such a typical day: The first almost two hours I would have gotten the same results if I just had been sitting at the bar and just payed my blinds. No hands at all. Note even those dangerous J,8s or such stuff. But 7,2 or 6,3 (unsuited of course). After that I lost 3 major pots by a coinflip. Queen Kicker vs. King Kicker and similar stuff. Then I went on a very small rush to get at least some money back. At the end the table went shorthanded and the pot sizes became small.

My result was o.k. for such a horrible night but I was still down.

Well at least it looks like there may be a possibility to play once a week from now on (if you are in the Munich, Rosenheim, Austria Area check the german formum for more information about the venue).


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