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Monday, July 18, 2005

The new WSOP Champion

The WSOP 2005 is history and we have a new champion: Joseph Hachem.
Personally I had preferred that a big name pro wins this event but it could have been worse. Hachem definitly isn't a "Moneymaker". He claims to be a pro, has about 10 years experience and even made a 10th place in another WSOP event this year. He isn't like Raymer either (who definitely was a great ambassador for poker). He's a different type and who he really is will develop through the next year. Raymer was a "no-name" for the public as he won - like Hachem is now. But I think Hachem can be a good amassador too.

Maybe we got the best of it: A new "Moneymaker" would have given us another boost for the public but would have diminished the WSOP to a real lottery (decreasing the value of this great event). A "big name pro" as a winner would have been great in terms of history but wouldn't attract "Joe Public" too much.
Hachem's win can achieve both goals. More publicity for poker and still value and attraction in the WSOP as the greatest poker event in the world.

So what comes next year? 10.000 participants? We will see. But some things are more clear right now: It will be at the Rio again - not at the Caesars. The final table will be at the Rio too. Binions and the WSOP is now history. And the Shadow will be there (either as player or as visitor). See you at WSOP 2006...


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