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Monday, October 24, 2005


I know email-Spam for a long time. I just configured our company mailserver to avoid most of the spam - and so far it works fine. Have you ever subscribed to a chatlist for AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)? Don't do it or you will encounter Chat-Spam. It seems every electronic publishing medium will be abused by spammers.

So it shouldn't really surprise anybody that there is blogspam, too. Since a while whenever I post a new blog entry I get one or two instant responses. They want to sell me something or advertise some obscure website. Those answers are generated by computers that get triggered by the arrival of a new entry.
I usually love all this computer stuff and what can be done with them but there are things that are just awful...

Blogger provides a solution for this. Unfortunatly this creates a little more work for those who want to respond to an entry. You now have to type-in a random text before you can publish your response. I'm sorry for that hassle but this is the only way I can avoid this awfull spam. If you prefer you may write any comment about an entry in Shadow's German Poker Forum. If you don't speak german just write in english (and of course we will keep your thread in english then).


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