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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Preparation is the key for success

Does it matter if you're in a good mood while playing? Sure it does!

During my blackjack times I tried to find a good balance between playing time and free time. In Vegas I played about 3 sessions (1 hour each) before I took a break (a nap, something to eat, other relaxing things). And I played about 6-8 sessions per day. Cardcounting is mainly mechanics but you're playing better if you feel better. Less mistakes, better coverplay, good focus on opportunities.

In poker I started to play sessions of 12-18 hours. It was fun but I'm now sure this is a big mistake. In poker it is much more important than in blackjack to be focused. Less mechanics and more borderline decisions. Nowadays I stop if I start getting tired, feel bad or hungry. Usually this happens at least after 6 hours.
And more important I try to start the game in a good mood. In the past my local game went like this: Work the whole day, take the 1-hour drive, start the game ... and lose (often), drive home late night.
After I realized that I could get a train ticket and a hotel room for the same cost like using the car I changed this behavior. I still work the whole day (can't change this). But now I have a relaxed train ride (only a little longer than by car). Check in to the hotel and take a nap, take a shower, relax a little. The result: I feel better, I'm more focused and I play much better. Nice addition: I have W-LAN acces for free. So I can write that blog entry directly after the game. :-)

Todays game was nice - in addition to the regulars we had some "guests" that could easily be found at any PartyPoker table ... took full advantage of that opportunity ;-))

For those who are interested how am I doing since I started playing poker: I have to confess that I'm still down. Had several bad sessions in the past (some bad beats and several bad plays). There was a time I seriously considered quitting poker. But I felt that I improve more and more so I added a chart to my calculations. I compared the overall result to the results of the last nine, six and three months. And I was right. My results got better and better. And no I won't quit in the near future. So stay tuned for more blogging from Shadow.


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