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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What is worse: good cards or bad cards?

After being card dead in Bregenz I had a night with great hands: Trips, Flushes, Straights, Full Houses (lots of them). All these Hand created big pots but unfortunatly I lost most of them. Losing a straight or a flush because somebody else has the nut straight or nut flush is one thing. But losing Full Houses is mean. I lost Full 9's vs. Quad 10's and Full 10's vs. Full Aces and some more I can't remember right now.
And more worse: Most of them had been rivered. And there was nothing I could do. How aggressive do you have to play a calling station to force a fold? I have no idea. At least not in Limit!

I'm not really angry or depressed. It just a little sad. I had my best month so far and now almost all of this month winnings are wiped out in one single session. I know it doesn't matter in the long run if you have a single losing session or a losing month. But it feels just better if you see a positive number at the end of each month.

Until now my first night at the Commerce was my worst night. Now I call this the worst. The people are much nicer here than in the Commerce but tonight I lost a big opportunity for a big win. Those cards usually should represent a huge win far on the positive side of Standard Deviation.

To answer the question in the headline: If you play good poker and make only minor mistakes than bad cards result in a small loss or a small win. If you have good cards they represent a big win or a big loss. At the end all evens out. So none of them is worse in the long run. But tonight (in the short run) the good cards hurt more than bad cards on any given night.


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