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Friday, February 17, 2006

Desaster at PokerWorld

What a difference between CCC and PW. Not only the location itself which lacks of style at all. Nothing compared to the friendly welcome from yesterday. The people there are more like those that you meet in the CCC in Linz. As I entered the CCC yesterday it was like "what a nice place, I really like to play here". Today it was more like "what an awful place - do I really want to play there?" It would have been better if I left immediatly....

I had some dinner before the tournament which was o.k but not as good as the day before. The tournament had 45 players and I didn't like the structure at all. The lowest denomination is 50 / 250 / 1000. They start with 4000 chips. Blinds 100/100. And the Add-on gets you 10.000. Weird!

It started like yesterday with no cards but went better. Some nice hands and finally AA :-))
Played it aggressive pre-flop and on the flop which came 7-10-10. One caller that paid some more on the turn and the river with A7. Two hands later I got ... AA again!
Aggressive play again pre-flop: UTG made it 4 bets and I reraised to 8 bets and he called. Flop came 7-10-10 (!) Dejavu? He bet and I raised all-in as I was sure that he didn't have a 10 or pocket 7's. He called and showed pocket 9's. Turn was blank and river was a 9 :-((( That shrinked my healthy stack to shortstack again. About Dejavu - this hand happend again two hands before the end of the rebuy period. But this time I wasn't unhappy about the hand. I played it correctly - that's all that counts.

After the rebuy period I won some & lost some. High point was 22.000 with 500/1.000 blinds and 50 ante. Went down to 16.000 and got K9 in the big blind. One bet 1.000, another called and I checked. Flop was 9QQ. The original bettor bet 4.ooo. Second folded. I was sure that was a weak raise. I was sure he had no Q and no pocket pair. So it must have been the 9. Kicker? Maybe an Ace but I expected something lower. So I went all-in for 15.000 to give him a tough decision even with A9. He called immediatly (had me covered) and showed 9,10 offsuited. Whaaat? That guy called an all-in with two Q's on the flop? Well it paid off (for him). Turn was blank and the river a 10 ... out on 28th place. Did I tell you about Dejavu?
To bad - had one of those two bad beats worked my way I would have been on a healthy stack. With both working the right way I could have taken a break until the final table (well, almost).

One lesson learned: Don't play in an evironment that you don't like. I didn't like the place, I didn't like structure and I didn't like the people I played with. If you plan to play several hours you better play under circumstances you like. I played good poker with no crucial mistakes but I just didn't feel as comfortable than yesterday at the CCC.

So I will definitely play at the CCC on Saturday.

City of Vienna (near "Stephansdom")


thecortster 10:49 AM  

Thanks for the warning, Shadow. I think I'll still play the 20+Rebuy Tournament at Pokerworld, but I definitely won't get my hopes up as far as the quality of the poker room. Oh and good job at CCC!

Shadow 11:05 AM  


Well, the quality of the players is lower at PW than at CCC. But you have to be prepared for worse bad beats at PW

Oliver (Bla),  12:39 PM  


Have warned you about the room itself and its looks. Players are one or two classes worse than in CCC, that is why I like the freezeout there so much. If you can get on without a beat the way up is an easy one most of the time.

Freezeouts there ran good with two FTs in 5 starts. One 4th place and a 9th one, where I was really unlucky in one hand.

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