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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Monday, February 20, 2006

CCC again

"Hundertwasser Haus"

Played the CCC again - this time the € 10+3 pot-limit hold'em.
Well it is more a € 15+3 as they add € 5 for the bountys (rb's are €10).

Went up and down during the rebuy time. Lost some good pots agains a newbe who was lucky (and couldn't let any hand go). He was broke before me but cost me the ability to start after the rebuy time with a healthy stack.

There was another interesting hand: Raised 55 with 6 callers before me and everybody called it. Flop was no help but not scary. Checked to me, bet again (about half the pot) and still 4 callers.
Turn no help but not too scary. Flush draw possibility for some still possible. With blinds of 50/100 we had now over 6000 in the pot. The river could have completed somebodys flush. No straights possible and no big overcards. First player checked, second bet about 2000 and third called. I was sure I was beaten but there was now way I would go away from this pot! Well at least I was second. JJ won and the other two had nothing - didn't complete their draws but still had some kind of hope wit Ace-high and King-high. And I was crippled heavily... went all-in a little later and made a double rebuy.
After the rebuy time I didn't get cards for about 40 minutes. We were now down from 49 to 28 players (10 will be paid). Gott TT in the small blind and raised the pot (which set me almost all-in). Flop was blank and I bet my last 100. Ran into QQ and was out on 28th place :-((

They offered a $20 voucher for a 1-2 limit cash game to the first 20 players out of the tournament. I used this and we had a fun session for about 4 hours. Limit isn't my game anymore and 1-2 is like pushing peanuts around. So I played it over agressively to create at least some nice pots (and put some of the players on tilt with that, sorry guys). Lots of callers around that made it an interesting session. Big swings and at the end I was up € 10. Could have been more but a great hand were I flopped a set of 5's with a King kicker went down on the river as the other guy completed his full house with J5. The interesting part was that we kept betting and raising and produced a pot with about 25 BB's. I feard I was up against A5 as my K5 was indeed a weak hand to play (I never would have played that in a 4/8 game). But I didn't expect a J5 from the other player.

To add more fun bla and his friend mr. j who played the tournament too but didn't made it into the money joined the game. So this was a nice way to complete the Vienna trip. It was a winning trip (even after expenses) so I am more than satisfied.

"Schloss Schönbrunn"


Anonymous,  11:19 PM  

Bet 55 with 6 limpers? That´s just nuts even during rebuy period. Call and play it for set value. BTW how much did you make it after 6 limpers?

Shadow 11:39 PM  

"Call and play it for set value"

That's one of the most common mistakes!
55 isn't a strong hand but can be played strong. Raise it in late position and lots of people will fold a hand that may easily beat you on the flop.
Unfortunatly it didn't work this time. If one of the early positions would have raised (remember: it's pot-limit!) I would have been out.
As I said it was checked to me after the flop so I bet. I don't give a free card in that situation. Pot at that time was about 2400. So my bet was 1200. With still 4 players in the game it now became a pot that had to much value to let it go with any pocket pair...
Maybe that style is too aggressive for you but it works well for me.

Anonymous,  3:44 AM  

"Maybe that style is too aggressive for you but it works well for me."

I seriously, seriously doubt that.

Remember a donk-buyin tourney is not the WSOP. You´re giving your opponents far too much credit here. With such a weak holding you really do not want to see a flop, do you? And will your raise get more than 3 donks out on average? Prolly not. And after the flop you want to bet into a board which likely contains three overcards? And don´t forget those overpairs that may haunt you...

IMO that move as so bad I don´t really know what to say other than to advise you to go studying much more before you hit the tables again.

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