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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shadow in Vienna ... cont.

Uuups ... that post got long. Too long! So I had to split it into two parts. Here's the final table:

Unfortunatly 10.800 chips isn't much with 800/1600 blinds and 400 antes. I had no room for a move ... but I had still the time to decide for action or not. Patience paid off as one after another of stacks bigger than mine went all-in and lost. Again there are lots of people that lack in knowledge of proper final table play (which is different due to the fact that every eliminated players means a bigger payday for the remaining players). I was able to choose good spots for my actions and was able to get several blinds/antes and survive three all-ins. Again: Why the hell do you call a shortstack-all-in from a guy that made a very tight impression at the final table? But finally I went from the "red-zone" (lower than 10 BB+antes) to the "dead zone" (barely above one BB) and this time I had to make my move. I was delighted to see a KQs. I was called (no surprise as it was a cheap call) and ran into AJ (or something like that). No help and out on 4th place (which paid € 342).

Overall it was a great night with 6.5 hours of exciting poker that made a nice payday. Tonight I will check out PokerWorld. Friday is reserved for my girlfriend and Saturday will be most probably CCC again.

PS: Thanks to bla for giving me a ride back to the hotel. It was a pleasure to meet you :-))


Oliver (Bla),  12:33 PM  

I also really enjoyed meeting you "in real". It was a nice evening with some good poker except my last hand.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

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