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Monday, October 09, 2006

3rd openBC tournament

Tonight was the 3rd openBC tournament on PokerStars. Unfortuntely we couldn't increase the number of participants too much but nevertheless we had much fun. We had one "rookie" and seven who had played before so we had some nice chat between us all. I caught some great cards in the beginning but they didn't connect on the flop and I had to lay down several raised pots. Later it went a little better and I received several pots uncontested. "MunichAces" told me that he will start to challenge me if I continue with that as he was my victim (unintentionally) in most cases ... and I was ready to rumble ;-))

But he shouldn't get an opportunity as I became the victim of the later winner "grt.". Unfortunately he was to my left and always came over my top when I had good cards and hit at least something on the flop. Maybe I didn't challenge him enough but I was sure he hit something better due to the texture of the flop. Soon I became short stacked.

Went all-in for two or three times and picked up the blinds but finally my all-in with KQ of hearts got called by "grt." ... who else ;-)
And again the flop was amazing: JKT ... a pair for me but "grt." flopped the nut straight with his AQ. The 9 on the turn (for the lower straight) and the 4 on the river had been meaningless - out on 7th place.

Next monday will be the poker-tester tournament at PokerStars and I hope for a better result there.


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