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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fast end of a tournament

The poker-tester tournament was over shortly after it begun. Right in the beginning I flopped the nut flush just to get beaten by a full house. But I wouldn't call this a bead beat. With two 9's on the board and the betting pattern of my opponent I should have considered the full house here. Indeed I did but didn't hear on my feelings. I'm not sure if I would have been able to let this hand go in a life game but I would have thought much harder then I did here.

With most of my chips gone I picked 66 as a good spot to go all-in ... just to get a call from AA. Bad timing. Out 44th of 45.


susch poker-blog 10:38 AM  

hi shadow, was für ein turnier um 50 dollar in linz willst du spielen? im CCC? lass mich wissen was du da treibst ;)
lg susch

Shadow 1:08 PM  

Du hast Post bei PT ;-)


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