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Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting slaughtered in Linz

Went to Linz again for the €20 Rebuy No-Limit Tournament at the CCC.
They had 83 people playing and I made a big strike quite early. I had raised QJs in late position and got one caller. The flop came JJ9. Great! The caller made a decent bet and I took some time to think what he could have: J9 for a full house? Would you call a raise with that? AJ? More likely as well as 99. Both hands that would kill me. But it was still rebuy time so I decided to take some risks and called his bet. Turn was a Q ... Bingo! He bet again and I flat called. The river was meaningless and he went all-in. I called immediately and he presented 99 for the lower full house. I felt somewhat sorry for him. But this was an opportunity nobody can let go in rebuy time. But I made a mental note for myself to be more carefull with this kind of flop in freezout tournaments. Like Phil Gordon said: "The texture of the board is very important". And depending on this texture even a full house may be a weak hand sometimes.

This pushed my stack to 8,000 with blinds 50/100 and I ended the rebuy time with that amount. I took the add-on (so the whole tournament cost me only €40+4) for a total of 12,000 chips with blinds of 200/400 for the next round. There wasn't much to play for me in the next time. And somewhat later I had to change the table. My stack dropped to 10,000 due to the increasing blinds as I found QQ in late position. Raised it to 2,000 (blinds 300/600) and got an all-in of 4,000 from the button. Everybody else folded. This was an automatic call for me but I wasn't delighted to see that I went against KK. But a Q on the flop made me happy again and sent my poor opponent to the rail. Back to 16,000 chips. So far the lucky part of the story!

Folded some decent hands to due raises/all-ins in front of me and finally got ATs in middle position. With the blinds now at 500/1,000 I raised it to 3,000 and got one caller. On the flop came an Ace and two low cards. Being the first to bet I decided that checking would result in a bet from my opponent and I would have been forced to fold. So I bet 5,000 hoping to chase him out of the pot. Unfortunately he went all-in for 1,000 more that I had to call anyway. He showed AJ and neither a T or the flush was available to help me. That hand had cost me about half of my stack and should have turned out to be the reason for the coming desaster. Should I have played this hand more carefully? I don't tink so. With the blinds getting bigger and bigger you have to take risks sometimes.

To make things worse I was due for the blinds and the blinds had increased to 750/1,500. I couldn't defend them due to real crap I got dealt in that two rounds and was down to 4,500. Finally I got K9s shortly before the blinds arrived again. Went all-in, got called by a shortstacked 47 and guess ... he found a 4 on the flop. Down to 1,500. Folded the next round. Now I was early position and got AKs. Called the blind (which was an automatic all-in). It was raised in middle position and one all-in in late position with 1,000 chips. The blinds folded. The raiser showed AQ and the short stack showed A3s. Guess who won this hand? Right ... A3 won the hand with a 3 on the turn. No help for AQ and I got 500 back from the side-pot. Now I was the big-blind and was all-in with my remaing 500 chips. I didn't look at my cards. There was a raise and everybody else folded. My opponent showed 44 and I flipped over QJs. The Q on the turn was meaningless as my opponent had flopped his set with a 4. Out on 38th of 83.
In little more than one orbit I went from 16,000 to nothing. That's what I call "getting slaughtered"

Just reading through several other blogs and found this in the pokerstars.de blog: "tomba26" from Unterhaching, Germany won over $100,000 for his third place in the sunday million. No, unfortunately this wasn't me. But it's amazing ... this small town has about 22,000 people but this is now in a short time the third poker player from here (including me) that I'm aware off.


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