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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Mansion Promotions

You may remember Mansion from the fantastic sports-betting promotion they made a few months ago. Now they give you added money for several poker tournaments in december:

And for all those who signed up via my affiliate link they have a monthly tournament (starting on Dec. 7th). This tournament which is exclusively for affiliates’ players will run on the first Thursday of every month at 23.00 GMT. It will be a No Limit Hold’em $10+$1 rebuy tournament with $5,000 Added to the prize pool. The tournament will appear in the lobby and will be open for registration 72 hours before the scheduled start time. It will be shown in the lobby as "Invitational $5,000 Added".

So if you signed up via one of my affiliate links send me an email for the password. And if you haven't signed up until now just do it here and send me a message to receive the password.


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