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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Back to Schenefeld

This weekend Schenefeld hosts another deep-stack tournament. The buy-in of €500+40 gets you 5,000 chips and 45 min. levels.

Originally I had other plans for that weekend: a small dance tournament with my girlfriend. Although my girlfirend isn't into the poker thing at all I could convince her that this is a very special tournament and I would be very unhappy if I miss this one. So she wished me luck and let me travel to Schenefeld ... what a wonderful girl.

I was lucky to get a cheap flight from Munich to Hamburg. The downside was that it was an early flight at 7am in the morning. Good thing the Hotel Klövensteen had my room prepared early too. So I will get some sleep before the tournament starts. It will be fun to meet Cort, Katja, Jan and all the others again.

I feel good and well prepared. So the path for desaster is open ... just kidding! You never know how a tournament develops until it has started. But feeling good and well prepared helps to be open minded for whatever is happening.
This is a two day tournament and the first mission to accomplish is to survive day one (preferable with an above average stack). So stay tunded for more news from Schenefeld.


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