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Thursday, December 14, 2006

My online challenge - update 1

I accumulated 44 hours of online tournament play in the last week - which ist definately the most I played online for a long time. I saw a lot of weired hands. I received bad beats and I gave them of course.

The worst thing was a 44Q4 board. I held AK and was quite sure that my opponent didn't have the Q and I could be ahead here. The pot was already huge so we went all-in for the last bit. Then he showed me JJ for a Full House. I still had some outs but was in bad shape. But seing a 4 on the river making my A-kicker the winning card was one of the worst bad beats I ever gave to anybody.

On another table I saw more pocket pairs in 30 minutes than in a whole 3 hour tournament. In one hand we had KK, KK, AA (and my folded 99). No miracle, the Aces won.
During that 30 Minutes two pair and even trips weren't good at all. Usually you needed a nut-flush or better in that time. That table was brutal.

I thought I saw a lot of weired hands in my poker-life. But hell there's always a new way to win or loose a hand.

I changed my challenge a little as I added the 90 player "double stack" sng tournaments to my playing list. Those give you 3,000 chips (instead of 1,500) with a smooth blind structure. Those will be played with the same buy-in level as the 9 player sng's

So how is my challenge going? I'm breaking even after those 44 hours. Mmmmh, could be better and of course could be worse. So it looks like I will have to continue with my challenge to find out if I'm a winning online tournament poker player...


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