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Friday, July 13, 2007

Blue Man Group

Our vacation is almost over. Friday morning we will first fly to Boston and visit some friends before we are flying home on Saturday. It was a great time. Not only the poker in Vegas but all the things we did in the last three weeks. So for the last day in Chicago we decided to do a thing that we didn't do in Vegas due to all my tournament play: Going to a show. We went to "Blue Man Group" (which also plays in Chicago) and if you haven't seen it I can tell you it's a "must see". It's hilarious. But you have to be open minded. Don't expect anything ... just let it happen and enjoy. Oh, and don't take a seat in the first rows ;-)

On Monday the next Xing tournament is coming up and it looks like we may get a good number of participants again. Of course it helps that PokerStars added some prizes (like the buy-in for the sunday million). And Tuesday to Wednesday will become a long night for me (as for many others). I already signed up for the ESPN PPV live stream to see the WSOP final table live.


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