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Thursday, July 05, 2007

WSOP is over ... at least for me :-(

First, let me congratulate Cort to his 6th place. Good job!

Yes it's true. The week in Vegas is over and it went so fast. But it was a great time. I'm somewhat sad that I couldn't play a WSOP event but it just wasn't the right time for me. But I played lot's of tournaments and learned many things. It had a nice ending as I cashed again at the Planet Hollywood with a 9th place out of 88 players in my last tournament.

Unfortunately I lost some money in that week (about $800 with a total of $1,600 for buy-ins invested). I played 11 tournaments and 3 WSOP SnG's. I cashed in 4 of the 11 MTT's. That sounds like a decent number? Well, it could be but unfortunately I cashed only in the smaller events but failed in the bigger ones (like the Venetian and Binions). Was I playing over my bankroll and abilities? My bankroll allows higher buy-ins on occasions so I don't think this is a problem here. Was the competition tougher? Not really. Indeed I got the worst beats in the bigger ones (like the AK vs. 78 hand at the Venetian). I just didn't get the cards to play a good game in the bigger ones. Of course No Limit Hold'em is mostly a "no showdown" game if it's played correctly. But getting cards and flops that fit with your betting action will help a lot.

Beside that I had three bad beats that had an actual accountable influence on not getting any money (two times) and getting significant less money (one time).

So I can say that I'm quite satisfied with my own game in that week. I know about some mistakes I made but those had only minor impact on the actual result. And of course I will avoid them in the future. For now I will take a short break from poker as we are currently in Chicago for some vacation time. So don't expect much updates in the next 10 days.


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