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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My prediction for the WSOP winner

After reading their bios and looking at some of there interviews I think this will become a very interesting table even without Scotty. I still feel sorry for Scotty to bust out on 11th but as he said he "blew it".

Who do I think will win? Hilm, Lam and Kalmar are the Chipleaders. Hilm seems to be the most experienced. So if he can keep his lead I tend to call him the favorite. If Lee Watkinson can double up early he can become very dangerous.

Who do I want to win? My personal favorite is the "silver fox" Raymomd Rahme. He showed so much class in his WSOP interview. While the oldest guy is my first choice the youngest guy will be my second. Hevad "Rain" Khan is a hell of a character. But like Watkinson he has to double up early to become dangerous.

In about 20 hours we will know...


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