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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cheering for Martin Weber

The second day of the IPO started about an hour late at the Jackpot Club. The Jackpot Club is an awful choice for a final day of an event like that. The Club is located in a small street south of the city center. It's very small and crampy. So they had to split the field and one half of the players had to play at the Colossus Club next door. Not much room for the spectators in both rooms and after some time they didn't allow any spectators at all till the last two tables. Hopefully they get sorted these problems for next year as this was beside, some minor things, a really great event in general. If they do it again I will be back for sure!

Martin Weber, the last standing from the german poker players, was in very good condition. Beside a small downswing in the beginning his stack went up and up till 1 Million chips. He finally reached the final table and busted one player immediately there. But with over 2 Million chips and six players left he ran into a real bad beat as his AQ lost against K5 with a five on the river which bought him back down to 1.2 Million chips.

A little later the remaining six decided for a deal und split the money according to the chipcount. They were quite equal in chips so they all received something between 10K and 15K Euros. They played out the winner title and €1,200 separately after the deal. Therefore Martin got a little over €10.000,- in prize money due to his chipcount. Big Payday and congratulations. That was a long day for all of them (over 14 hours of play) but at the end you saw a lot of tired but happy faces. Great Job from Stephen McLean and his team! Although I didn't make it to day two I can say that this was one the best tournaments I've ever played in. Ireland has shown Europe how a huge but affordable poker tournament can be offered without taking the skill out of the game of poker.

Back row:
second from the left - Martin Weber
second from the right - Colin King (Winner)


Vic 1:05 PM  

Well I have to congratulate Martin, for his great performance! I didn't know him before the IPO, we met on the plane From Hahn to Dublin! A decent and very nice guy who definitely has a lot of skill in this game. Had him on the phone yesterday, he seemed pretty happy. I'm sure we'll here again from him. Well I busted in 37th position with AK vs. 44 on an 57K42 Board, bad beat, not really, that happens in poker. But the IPO was really great, some adjuments are still to make, but I'll be back next year, for sure.



Shadow 2:10 PM  

Congrats to your 37th place. I know it hurts when you have to leave but getting 37th out of 1072 is still a great result.

Was nice to meet you although we only had little time to talk.

Peter 5:26 AM  

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Shadow 2:06 AM  

Nice website Peter. I usually delete all comments that include an advertising link but your page looks very interesting. And therefore I signed up today. See the link to Pokerweblogs on the left? ;-))

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