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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Vienna - No Happy End

Today was the last day of my trip to Austria and it got as worse as it could be. You like to hear some examples? AK pairs the King on the turn but is up against AA. Pocket KK loses due to an Ace on the Flop. Making a move ... up against QQ. This list could be continued forever. I was on the wrong end every time a hand was important. And to add insult to injury I got the best starting hands since the last seven days. But this cost me a lot of chips in the 10+5 rebuy tournament and resultet in an early exit at the end of the rebuy time. And it was very expensive in the cashgame. There was nothing I could do. This day was definately jinxed.

I know that this is normal variance ... but hey, who said that negative variance has to happen on the last day of a great week of Poker?

Anyway, tormorrow I will be back home and sort out some things before I start to the IPO in Dublin. So far they have 843 participants (9 from Germany, 2 from Austria and 5 from Switzerland) and the record for the biggest european tournament will be broken when the tournament starts.


Tight is Right 2:57 PM  

Do you post some infos during the Dublin poker tournament? Wish you luck and have fun in Dublin.

Shadow 3:18 PM  


There will be more personal infos posted here in my blog and a general report (in german) for each of the two days at http://www.intellipoker.com

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