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Friday, October 05, 2007

Dublin and the IPO - the day before

My trip to Ireland was somewhat rough but I finally made it. First thing was that the trains in Germany are on strike this Friday. Therefore the schedule was reduced to one train every hour (instead of every 20 minutes) and I had to go to the airport much earlier than planned. Good thing: there's a Starbucks that just recently opened at the Munich airport. So I got breakfast there. I told you before that I'm a Starbucks addict!

Du to the fact that I was flying on Delta freemiles I had to fly with Air France via Paris. The original connecting time was 85 minutes. But our flight was late due to heavy traffic and the timeframe was reduced to 55 minutes. Connecting in Paris is awful but with less than an hour it's a nightmare. To make things worse the police stopped our bus from the plane to the gate because they were looking for somebody. So we had to present our passports before they let us go. Still enough time ... until you reach security. The security people in Paris are definately the slowest working people I've ever seen in my life. A turtle is "road runner" compared to those people.

But finally I made it to my flight at the latest possible time and had a good flight to Dublin. Before we landed in Dublin we flew over the city and thanks to a window seat I had a wonderful view upon the city center and the highlands in the back. The weather is very nice. Sunny and about 17 degrees celsius. My hotel room is wonderful. It's a nice old building with high ceilings and a good quality standard. And the Jackpot Club is just around the corner. I really hope I make it to day 2 to play there!

Before I met with some of the other german and austrian players I made a short tour through the city center and some of the older streets (e.g. Fleet Street where a lot of traditional pubs are located). Finally we met at Cassidy's and had a nice evening and some good poker stories to tell. Some of the guys decided to check out the €50 deep-stack tournament at the Jackpot Club but I decided to go back to the hotel writing my blog entry and going to bed early.

Tournament starts at noon but I try to be there early to get some of the action and shoot some pictures when 1,100 people arrive for the biggest tournament that ever happend in Europe.


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