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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I lasted longer than expected ... but not long enough

That was a weired start. First there was a rumor around that they go back to level 4 blinds (200/400) but then it was decided that this was unfair against the bigstacks. So instead they skipped tomorrow and play would go down to the winner today. Tough decision but with three bigstacks (74K, 45K, 30K) and more than 60 players close to average or below I would have preferred to step down with the blinds to make it a better tournament.

With my 5,800 chips I was around 60th position of 70 but a single double up would have brought me close to average and at 24th position.

Well, it wasn't meant to be so I had to deal with the 400/800 blinds. My moment came when an EP player raised all-in for his remaining 2,000 chips. I found AQ and called his bet. The big blind called too. Flop was Kxx and we checked. Turn was an Ace and he checked again. I went all-in for my remaining 3,000 and he folded. The all-in player showed JT. He was down to 3 outs for a straight and of course hit his Q on the river.

I managed to come back to 5,000 just to be down to 3,800 again due to the blinds. Just before the blinds arrived again I went all-in with K9 and was called by the same guy. This time I was behind against his AT but caught a lucky 9 on the river. Up to 7,600 I went into my final hand: EP raised to 3,000 (blinds 750/1,500) and I found KK in MP. I went all-in without hesitation being sure that he will call the remaing 4,600. He did and showed 77. Tough decision for him. If he puts me on two overcards calling is borderline. If he puts me on a bigger pair calling isn't correct. At this table I got two pots uncontested with an all-in and folded every other hand for almost half an hour. I think calling was incorrect here for him but I was more than happy about his call ... until a 7 hit on the turn. Out in 43rd position after a total combined playing time of little over 4 hours.

So in the past days my last hand in a tournament was KK two out of four times. Both times I was ahead when the money went in (and got sucked out).


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