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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Three mistakes cost me a big pot

Tonight I played at the Poker-Club in Salzburg again. They just flatened their tournament structure a little more (adding two levels in the middle of the tournament). This change makes the already quite good tournaments of the Poker-Club even better. The Patience Factor for the €100 tournament on Friday is now PF=13.74 (a 10% increase in game quality). This is now definately one of the best tournaments available between Salzburg and Munich (usually averaging about 50 players).

But due to the wheather conditions and another tournament happening in Salzburg at the same time it was only 34 players today. And the new structure didn't help me to make the final table. With blinds at 700/1,500 I had increased my 10,000 starting stack to almost 30,000. But the blinds and some unconnected flops had cut it down to 20,000 again when I was involved in an 11,000 chips all-in hand holding the nut-flush draw. With my AQs I had 15 outs (a pair would have been enough here too) but none of my outs fell on the river. I went all-in with AJo in the very next hand for my remaining 9,000 chips and was up against the pocket aces of the big blind. Went out 15th of 34.

After my tournament had ended I played some €1/2 Pot-Limit. I was still ahead after little more than 4 hours but the last hand I played really mad me mad. In this hand three mistakes cost me a pot worth at least €80.

The Situation: I was holding 66 in MP at a shorthanded table and raised to €7. Two callers. One on my left and one on my right. I can't recall the flop completely but it wasn't a very good flop for pocket sixes.

1st mistake: The player in front of me checked and before I was able to check, the player behind me announced "check" verbally. He was advised by the dealer that he had acted out of turn. Up to this point no big thing. I then checked and now this guy said: "Oh, if you both check ... I have to bet". What the hell!!!!

2nd mistake: I told the dealer that he verbally already decleared check and that he can't change this now. It doesn't matter if it was intentionally or not. But by checking out of turn he was able to "test" reactions and adapt then. This can't be done. In this case I think he has to stick to his original intention. But the dealer refused by telling me that as it wasn't his turn at that time the announcement wasn't valid.

3rd mistake: This was my mistake because I let it go here and didn't insist in calling the floor. Usually the dealer should have called the floor ... but as he didn't do so and continued with the game it would have been my right to call for a ruling.

To add insult to injury a third six fell on the turn. Well, I only invested €7 in that hand (the pot became big after I folded) but I'm still unhappy how the situation developed.

I talked to the floor after the hand and he told me that he will remind the dealers not to decide on their own when a floor ruling is needed. But of course there was nothing else he could do. We agreed that for a proper ruling in that case he should have been present at the time the situation happend.

Tell me what you think the floor would have decided if he was called at the right time! We will never know for sure but I'm interested to hear other peoples opinions.

While I often find it annoying that people call the floor for whatever reason everybody should still remember that he has the right to call for a floor decision. And even if the decision goes against you ... at least you know that somebody who is in charge made a final decision.


Anonymous,  8:05 AM  

Big fan of your blog.
I believe the floor would have made the "checker" stay with a check in that situation.
I play on full tilt, still playing fergusons trying to build up a bankroll. Keep up the good blogging!

flemming,  2:46 PM  

very nice blog, indeed...

cant stop laughing about your comment "those danish guys are just a aggressive as the scandinavians" - Denmark is also scandinavian.

But cant blame you :o)

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