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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My plans for December

This December I will play at least two big tournaments. The first one is the €500 Freezeout in Bregenz on December 04th (Christmas Poker Championship). I'm really looking forward to this one as I always loved to play in Bregenz but wasn't able to play there for a long time now.

The second one is also a location I really like to play: Schenefeld will be the place of the Poker Olymp Open II and I am registered for the €600+50 Freezeout on December 13th.

Unfortunately my plans about going to Tunica again (WSOP Circuit) in conjunction with the Lotusphere in Orlando in January are on hold now. My current IT-project has changed dramatically. Therefore I either won't be able to afford travelling in January or won't have the time to do so (but earn some good money instead). Most probably those plans are on hold till mid December - making it a last minute decision for my travel plans.

Talking about Lotusphere ... you may remember that I discovered Second Life this January due to "Virtual Lotusphere". I didn't do much in SL since then but started to explore it again recently. I bought a nice piece of land (with great sunsets) and built a Skybox 500 feet above. So if you like to talk to me about poker you can meet me in SL too. You can find my home here: Shadow's Place. To enter my Skybox you need a special invitation. Just leave me an IM to join my group and I will give you a teleport up there. BTW - I tried to establish a poker-group in SL. But SL is very strict. They not only dissallowed any gambling (due to the US law), they also delete groups containing the word "poker". So I now created a group called "Shadow's Friends".


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