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Saturday, September 13, 2008

No day two at the Pokertour Innsbruck

What an ugly table I got at this Pokertour event in Innsbruck! For the first three levels (45 min. each) I didn't get much playable and missed the flop on all remotly playable hands. To make things worse we had a real aggressive player on the table who pushed many people from many hands and we had a real luckbox who hit almost everything.

At the first break - after three levels - I was down to 4,500 chips (from the 10,000 chips startingstack). After the break I went down to 3,500. Finally I went all-in one time and got the blinds, antes and two limps. Back to 5,000. But still not in good shape.

A8s on the button. It was folded to me and I raised to 900 (150/300 ante 25). Small Blind went all-in for about 2,500 and I had to call (obviously didn't like the call here). Up against KK but an Ace on the turn busted my opponent. Busted another shortstack with JJ vs. QJ and was at 13,000 chips.

Unfortunately the blinds already reached 200/400 and a 25 ante. In the meantime we got another aggro at the table who loved to put in oversized reraises.

Finally I got 66 in late position and raised to 1,200. First Aggro reraised my bet, I called and we saw a flop of 3-4-5. He checked and I decided to go all in for my remaining 9,000 chips (about half of his stack). His preflop reraise could have meant anything (like overcards, any pair or even crap). But this time he had hit something. He called and showed a pair of 4's for the set. To add insult to injury neither a 2, 6 or 7 but a 5 hit on the river to give him the Full House. So I went out in 74th position of 109 players after 3.5 hours.

I know this was a very aggressive move with a pair of sixes and only 10 outs for either the set or a straight. But I think it was the best move against this player. Just unfortunate that he hit his set here.

Of course I could have waited somewhat longer but on this table a just over 10.000 chips stack didn't gave much room for movement. So I was more or less limited to push if I hit something or fold if I didn't. And I could have expected to lay down a good number of improvable hands against the two aggros.

Had I hit here I would have severly crippled an aggressive opponent and would have been a force with over 25,000 chips. Well worth the risk (at least for me in that situation)! So I'm disapointed of course but not unhappy about my play. It just wasn't meant to be.

Tomorrow evening I will play a smaller second chance event (with a PF=8.21 definately no deepstack tournament) and enjoy my time during the day.

The CCC in Innsbruck isn't a real great place. Nothing comparable to the locations in Vienna or Salzburg. It's downstairs in a small cellar with two separate rooms. The tournament area with 8 tables is very cramped (see picture above) and it's hot in there. There are definately nicer places to play poker! The competition was quite weak and it was a real shame that I didn't get some good cards. Had I gotten the same cards as in the last Pokertour tournament I would have cleaned the table for sure.


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