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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This was a good day today

First I used my remaining FPP's for an EPT Step 1 Ticket and made it to Step 2. Played Step 2 and placed 3rd to get my Step 2 ticket back. So I'm still in the hunt.

The Xing tournament was very remarkable tonight. We had 52 players and I was almost out at the first break. But after the break I went on a good run and became chipleader in 13 minutes with about 40 left. Was able to stay in the Top 10 for the remaining of the tournament and went to the final table as chipleader. With 4 players left I received a bad beat by losing with QQ vs AJ. Down to short-stack. Was able to recover but at the end lost in a classic JJ vs. QQ situation and became 3rd ... well, $62 is a nice win in a a $10+1 tournament but of course I was aiming at 1st place and the added Sunday Million ticket.

But in general I feel good about my results today and decided to add to my cashgame bankroll (as I continued being successfull here, too). So I can now play the "huge" $0.02/$0.05 level ;-)

The success in the Xing tournament gave me some well needed confidence for the big Pokertour event in 5 days.


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