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Friday, September 05, 2008

WCOOP Event #1 - Bad day to play

I shouldn't have played at all. I knew it but I refused to hear to the little voice in my mind. The whole day I was exited to play the event tonight and then shortly before the event started my e-mail server crashed.

There was not much I could have done at that time because there were several files that needed a backup before I could restore the system. But I wasn't focused on my game. I can't say I played bad ... but it wasn't my A-game either.

I got some good cards in the beginning like AKs and AA but couldn't get too much value out of these hands. I got others that never connected to the flop or were only second best. So I went down from 3,000 chips to 570 chips. Then I found TT, went all-in and faced a caller with QQ. Lucky Shadow found a Ten on the Turn and doubled up. Made it back to about 1,600 but couldn't go further. Went down again. Went all-in with AQs at the end, got called by TT and busted out in 5,806th position (of 7,217) directly before the break.

No good hands and no focus is a bad mixture for a poker game. Hopefully it will be better next weekend. A least I finally decided for Innsbruck and the Pokertour!


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