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Saturday, December 13, 2008

And on my last hand ...

...I ran into Aces again!

Had a very good start in the €50+6 at the Montesino. We started with 6.000 chips and during the first 25 min. in level one (25/25) I made it to 9,000 and in the next level to almost 12,000.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep my pace. First I got good hands that didn't connect anymore and then I went into a dry run of cards. I was blinded down and severly short-stacked. After a table change I got KK twice in a short period of time. First hand I only got the blinds and antes, second hand was paid-off with a nice bet from a guy who I busted shortly after with AK vs. 44. Seemed he was somewhat on tilt after I went all-in on his bet the second time.

Up to 30,000 but the blinds had now reached 1,000/2,000(200). To make things worse we played 7-handed and 6-handed for some time before another table was broken.

No more playable hands and my stack went all the way down to 9,200. Finally I went all-in with QJo just to run into AA again. To add insult to injury I was up against KK too. No magic board and my tournament ended in 35th position out of 231 (just 9 off the money).

Taking into account how far I made it with no cards I can only imagine what the result would have been with just a few decent cards. But at the end only the actual results count. And yes, I know I was very lucky several times in the last tournaments so I can stand those "mini-beats".


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