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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Day two: £200 + £20 No Limit Freezeout @ DTD, Nottingham

The rollercoaster ride from the first day continued in a remarkable fashion. Also being 4th in chips at the start of the day I never got anything playable and was blinded down heavily. With people busting out slowly I at least maintained my low stack. But on the bubble I was in severe danger to become the bubble boy again. Fortunately another short stack took this burden as his AQ lost vs. A2.

Still short at the final table I waited for the right spot. In the meantime one guy busted and I was at least 8th. My time came when I finally got a strong hand (KK) that got action and held up. It's always interesting to see how many people at final tables don't know how to handle either a big stack or a short stack correctly. So more people busted out and we were down to 6. At this time we made a deal that secured 6th place £1,500 (instead of £845). A deal I happily accepted as I still was one of the shortest stacks. But with blinds of 4,000/8,000(600) nobody (expect the chipleader) was in a save area.

Still not getting good cards it was time for a big move. With 36,000 left I went all-in UTG with 62o to maintain at least some fold equity. I hoped that it was folded around as people had seen me only play big hands at the final table so far. The plan worked out until the Big Blind (Mr. "Any-Two" from yesterday) found AA. Why me, why aces again? Maybe that's what he was thinking after I busted his aces with a 7-high straight. The guy went ballistic but I must admit that didn't fell too sorry for him as he pulled an even worse stunt yesterday by calling(!) an all-in form aces with J4s and making two pair.

Now I had at least good fold equity but was forced to play only very strong hands due to my ruined image. Sometimes later Mr. "Any-Two" went in for 74,000. As he still was steaming I decided to go all-in for 85,000 with AJo. Then Billy to my right made a big sigh and took several minutes to decide what to do. I knew I was in big trouble if he called as he was definately one of the best players at the table (beside of the later winner Allen). He finally called saying "I am here for the win, so I have to call". At least he had the best hand wit QQ. Mr. "Any-Two" was in deep trouble as he only had A2. But also Billy got punished here when an Ace hit the board, crippled him and trippled me up.

Unbelievable ... I was happy to already having survived the bubble but now with 5 left I was the chipleader holding about a third of the remaing chips. Billy busted out in 5th little later. With 3 left our stacks were almost equal and I suggested another deal. We then split the remaining money equally (each of us got £3,150) and just played for the win and the trophy.

I finally busted in 3rd with an open-ended-straightdraw vs. a pair of tens. More than happy and lucky about my result.

Now sitting at Birmingham airport waiting for my flight back to Germany. The trip to DuskTillDawn was a great experience and if the have a simillar event again I will try to come back. Definately the nicest and best run poker-room I ever played in!

Next stop: Big final of the Pokertour.at at the CCC in Vienna (next weekend)


M.L.,  11:47 PM  

nice one! Weiter so hoffentlich nächste woche bei der Staats auch.

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