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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Preparing for Nottingham

Tomorrow I am starting my trip to Nottingham. I am flying on a cheap budget (€30 return flight with Ryanair) but unfortunately have to travel to Frankfurt-Hahn.

So I am visiting my parents who live half way between Munich and Frankfurt and continue to the airport on Friday. Still a long trip. I have to start at 5:45am and will reach my hotel at 2pm (UK time). Fortunately the tournament at DuskTillDawn starts not before 8pm so I have some time to relax and refresh.

In the last week I worked on adjustments on my game and the results were promising. I hope those adjustements will help me at my upcoming events.

I have also booked my trip to Vienna (for the Staatsmeisterschaft) next week. Found a decent priced flight with Air Berlin and will play two smaller tournaments on Thursday and Friday at the Montesino before the Staatsmeisterschaft starts at the CCC on Saturday.

Hopefully I can twitter from those events to keep you updated. Just check back at twitter on Dec 5th. from 9pm CET to find out.

So far this will more or less complete my live tournaments for this year. There are interesting events coming up in 2009 but much depends on my results in the next events and the question which job I will have in 2009.


Göpfi,  3:45 PM  

Where is this halfway point?
I'm living between frankfurt and munich aswell :-)

Good Luck in Nottingham

Shadow 3:55 PM  

Yes, if I remember correctly you are VERY close to Schweinfurt ;-)

Göpfi,  5:47 PM  


so your parents live exactly in schweinfurt?

Shadow 9:05 PM  

Yes, they do. Lived there too (and went to school @ AvH) since the age of 21 before I moved to Munich.

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