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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Cooler of the Month

I don't post hand histories quite often ... especially not when they contain bad beats. Usually no reason to complain. If you play enough poker you receive bad beats and you give them. But that one is really the "Cooler of the Month".

It happened in a $1.11 rebuy satellite for the $109 Low SCOOP Main-Event. I was below average at the end of the rebuy period but managed to make my way up to over 60k then. At this time this was 22nd position with about 80 of 363 left. 14 tickets + a $97.07 cash prize were awarded.

Flopping a flush with an open-ended straight flush draw, betting every street and get beaten by runner-runner deuces for a full house by somebody who calls down the board with just a pair of 77s.

Sometimes poker can be a cruel game :-(


David Bergeron 12:04 PM  

Wow, that is such a sick river card..And you can't really check on the river cause he could have an ace of spades.

Anyway, how was Boot Camp with Vanessa Rousso? Is it for beginners?

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Shadow 1:06 PM  

Hi David,

I reccomend her lessons to those who have a basic understanding of the game and know about stuff like outs and pot-odds.

Her lessons usually go beyond the basic rules into the thinking behind a move and you will take much more out of it if you have already some playing experience.

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