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Thursday, July 29, 2010

DSO Namur Weekend ahead

Now it's there! The Deepstack Poker Open Namur started today at 2:30pm. Well, in reality they started yesterday with a supersatellite but today is Day 1A.

I will play Day 1B ... flying to Cologne this evening and continuing by train tomorrow morning. Really looking forward to that event. Especially after my two final tables in the last two weeks. As expected the event was sold out days before the start and I am happy that I secured my seat early enough to participate in my first 50,000 startstack / 1h level tournament.

With that huge number of chips I am thankful for a recent blog post from a friend of my old Black Jack days that reminded me that these kind of tournaments are won the "Beppo Way". If you already know what I mean you are most probably my age and have read Momo in your youth. If not, just read Bellatrix's post here.

Of course I will keep you updated via Twitter (or just see the twitter box on the left). There won't be wireless coverage in the casino but in the adjecent hotel. So expect updates mostly during breaks. Follow if you like or just look for the hashtag #dsonamur. I'll try to add that to all DSO related tweets. Hopefully other will follow so you may find tweets from others playing at the DSO Namur. But be warned ... most of those tweets will be in french for obvious reasons ;-)

Will be an interesting tournament with the huge number of french players. Most of them aren't neccesarily good but as usual very agressiv. In addition many of them are playing a rather uncommon style (good or bad ... no judgement).

According to Roy Decker from the Royal Flush Magazine (who's playing Day 1A) there will be a good number of german players arriving for Day 1B. Starting time will be 2:30pm (not 1pm as original posted) and we have to play 12 levels on Day 1. Including breaks don't expect play to end before 4am in the morning!


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