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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrible things happend today...again

"I am doing all right. I will not live my life in fear.
We need to be strong and united during this time. This is what humanness is all about.
We need to bring out the positives now and work on solidarity."

Email received from a friend in New York, sent after September 11th 2001

Originally I wanted to share some poker thoughts that came to my mind. But after I heard about the things that happend in London I decided to delay this for some time.

We all knew that this would happen. The only thing is we didn't knew when and were...

Terrorism comes closer to my country. We had Madrid and now it is London. Despite Madrid which is just a foreign city for me I know some people in London. I was lucky to hear from them that they are fine.

This is a "small" incident compared to what happend in New York but every of these terrorist attacks is awful and heartbreaking regardless how many people are injured or killed. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost a member of their family or a friend...


Anonymous,  8:21 AM  

Madrid, not Barcelona.

Shadow 9:42 AM  

Thanks, corrected my entry above

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