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Friday, July 15, 2005

That wasn't like expected

Didn't I say something about that I may regret that I missed Matusow in my list. Well but at least I had a fair shot.
I'm really sad about the way we lost Ramer in that tournament. But I like the way he handled it! I reccommend to take a look at the video from the press conference (http://www.cardplayer.com).
Matusow impressed me too: In another Video he had very kind words for Raymer and was sorry about the way he was eliminated. This is remarkable if you remember the incident between those two at the 2004 final table.

Tonight I will follow the audio broadcast from the final table (made by Negreanu, Lindgren, Harman, Hellmuth, Shulman at cardplayer.com). I think the comments from those guys (and the girl) will be quite interesting. I hope the others 8 players will catch the chipleader Aaron Kanter. He's the guy who hit Raymer hard with his lucky 2h on the river. From what I saw so far this guy has more luck than skill. Matusow, Barch or Black - those guys have the best position (and skill) to make it, IMO.

Now to something completely different: I just realized that I can publish my blog entries by emailing them - this is a real cool feature. If I now figure out how to send emails with my cellphone or PDA I will be ab le to blog even without my computer. I love those technical gimmicks :-)


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