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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Last Man Standing

The WSOP 2006 is history and the winner is Jamie Gold. Congratulations! He dominated the main event for almost 4 days in a row as nobody ever did before.

Thanks to the espn ppv broadcast people all over the world followed the final table live this year.

(Source: Flipchip)

The cardplayer.com radio broadcast last year was great but it still is a difference. The first time I saw Hachem last year was in a video about the press conference after his win. This year people had a full 13 hours to get comfortable with the future champion. Well, he is no Raymer or Hachem. He is already crushed by lots of people especially at 2+2 for some things he said the day before about "not wanting to become famous". I read the interview at espn.com and agree that he used a bad timing and maybe not the right words to express some concerns and feelings. But I really can understand him.

"I know what fame does to people. It's not that I can't handle it; I don't want it."

Being a talent agent in Hollywood he surely knows what he's talking about.
But if you've seen him play during the final table he obviously decided to take the burden that comes with the bracelet.

Let's give him the time he needs to get comfortable with his role. Even Joe Hachem said it took him 6 month to really getting comfortable with being the "World Champion of NL Hold'em poker".

The final table is over, the WSOP is over and now? I was following the action for the whole 6 weeks mostly online but also directly in the Amazon room and it really feels weird that it's all over now. Ten more months till the WSOP 2007....!?

But as said in a previous post I have plans on my own:
Of course there's the next online tournament on poker-tester.com on Monday and another one with the openBC community on August 21st.
On August 22nd I will play the €200 NL Hold'em at the Bodensee Poker Championship 2006 in Bregenz.

There's more tournament play to come: Bregenz starts weekly €100 tournaments in September. There will be €25 SnG's in most Casinos in Austria on a weekly base (also starting in September). Bigger tournaments are available in Schenefeld (please read my article at PokerAcademy.de about that tournament - german only) and the Concord in Vienna. And many many more. But for the most part I haven't made my plans for September right now.

Btw, have you seen the nice link to the Google calender in the right column? I thought it's much nicer than the .pdf sheet I posted earlier ;-)) For bigger events all over the world the HendonMob Database (also in the right column) is still the best source.


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