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Monday, August 21, 2006

Two online tournaments

Monday was tournament day at PokerStars.

Last week we had the poker-tester tournament. No luck and no good cards there. Went out 29th of 34. Can't recall some interesting hands as there weren't any.

This Monday was the "1. openBC Poker Challenge". As it was the first one we expected to start with less people. And indeed we only had 10 for this week. But anyway we had a lot of fun and some well known participants ;-)) But I won't release any names here until they allow me to do so. I can reccommend this tournament to everybody. Just join openBC and go to the poker group. I'm sure this on will grow more and more in the future.

For the results: I had some good hands. One time I held AA and flopped quads (and even got paid somewhat on this). I raised QQ on a raised pot and got re-raised all-in. Tough fold but I expected AA on the re-raisers hand.
Bad mistake sometimes later: flopped a straight with 67 on a 89T flop. Play was three handed. Small stack went-all in and medium stack went all-in too. Should have folded here but couldn't believe that someone else flopped a straight. Small stack got busted with AA but medium stack had indeed 7J for a higher straight. Now I went from healthy stack to severly short stack. Could recover somewhat and survived 3 more players but finally went out on the bubble (4th place). Next time... ;-))


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