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Friday, August 04, 2006

Those poker kids usually don't impress me

Most times if I hear an interview with of one of these newcomers I'm not impressed. Most of them play online for some time, get lucky at a live tournament and think they can crush the whole poker world. Or the play the role of the bored kid that prefers to play online because real live is so boring. It's so awful and I would be really dissapointed if one of them would win the main event because there's so much class out there in the poker world.

But there's always somebody who is different! There's a 21-year old kid named Jeff Madsen. He became the youngest bracelet winner and later the youngest 2-braclets winner (+2 more final tables). Poker kid? ... Not at all.

(Source: Breakfast Club Poker)

I first saw him in a video at cardplayer.com and I really was impressed. This "kid" really knows what he wants and doesn't fly high at all. He is focused and seems to be a real nice guy.

Read this article at pokernews.com

This guy might be one of the great exceptions. He came out of the dark but may stay in the light for a long time (even or because he is not going pro yet and finishes school first). He may be the new "kid poker" - sorry Daniel ;-)) and become one of the really big names in poker in the next years.

I was disspointed to see him bust out of the main event after he had a good run there too. He would truly make a great champion but for his personal development it was the best that could happen. And he has enough time to get the big bracelet one day...


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