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Monday, August 28, 2006

My new homepage: FifthStreet.biz

I really love my blog and it gets more and more readers every month. I spend a lot of time to create some unique styling to the standard blogger design. But right now it feels that I started to overload the page with content in the sidebar (links, calender, email subscription etc.).

Therefore I created a new homepage called FifthStreet.biz

No worries - the blog itself will stay were it is!

But will move some parts of the sidebar to these new page(s) and leave only the most important pieces in the blog. Of course you will still be able to access the blog directly with the known link. But I hope you will enjoy my new homepage too.

This will be an ongoing process in moving the sidebar content to the homepage piece-by-piece due to restrictions in my time schedule. So far the whole "links" section (including the other poker blogs) and the tournament calendar are already moved to the homepage.

Another reason for the new homepage was the possibillity to provide a catchy URL to those interested in my pages.


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