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Monday, November 27, 2006

Rebuy-Mania in Linz

Went to Linz for the €20 Rebuy-Tournament at the CCC to polish my game before Schenefeld next weekend. Due to the bad weather I decided to take the train instead of the car and had a nice trip that gave me the opportunity to re-read the important parts of Phil Gordons "Little Blue Book".

I got the craziest table of 86 players with a total of 26 rebuys in 60 minutes. Next "best" table was "only" 21 rebuys. I had to rebuy for two times and took the add-on. The total prize-pool was short over €6,000 (the biggest they had in the three times I played this tourney)

This was one of those tournaments were I didn't get much cards to play. But those cards I got were really great: 3x Aces, 1x Oueens and 3x Jacks (Hope there are still some pocket pairs left for next weekend).
Unfortunately that was the majority of all playable hands I got in 4 hours. More worse, due to the crazy playing style in the rebuy time my action was somewhat limited. Fortunately especially my Aces paid off big two times (but even then my raises didn't get much respect).
I ended the rebuy time below average with 8,000 chips. Our table broke and at the new table I was able to pump up my stack to 42,000 chips (very decent at that time with blinds 1,000/2,000) and was even chipleader at my table for some time. But then the blinds hurt more and more with nothing to play. With several short stacks at my table I had to let go some medicore playable hands against all-ins in front of me. So my stack went down and down and down.
Went all-in with JJ and 12,000 left (blinds 3,000/6,000), got called by KTs and a King came on the flop ... out on 17th (with 9 getting paid).

Too bad the Jacks didn't came two rounds earlier. That was a perfect example why you should go all-in early enough. With just 6,000 to call for a 21,000 pot the guy with KTs (and a big stack) made the right move. Nothing to complain here for me. Two rounds earlier I had a 21,000 stack. In that case he had to call 17,000 for a 31,000 pot (and I doubt he would have done this). Not a good day for Jacks as I lost big with them two times today.

Overall I was satisfied with my play and what I made out of my limited opportunities. Not much to complain (except that I didn't win any money of course)


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