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Monday, July 28, 2008

Card Dead at the Turbo Takedown

It continued at the Turbo Takedown as it ended on Friday at the Poker-Club. I was absolutely card dead. It's a real shame. With 4,000 of the 11,962 getting paid it usually should be enough to double up once to 6,000 chips to make it into the money. The bubble bursted less than two hours into the game.

I reached my highest point at about 4,500 chips shortly before the first break. At this time Jamie TheCronic420 Rosen was seated at my table. He already had 10,000 chips and went up to 12,000 quite soon. Would have loved to see more from this player who is ranked 27th in the P5s leaderboard. Unfortunately I was moved just a few hands later.

Still not much hands to play and my stack went down to a M of less then 10. Got some hands that would have been good for pushing (like AJs, 77 etc.) but always had somebody pushing in front of me. Finally my fold equity was gone and I was limited to finding a spot and praying. I had three opportunities. Two winners and one loser ... guess which I choose?

Went out in 4,229th position just 229 places away from the money - big dissapointment!


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