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Saturday, July 12, 2008

German PocketFives is here - check it out!

It's a few days later than planned but here we are - the german pages of PocketFives.com can be accessed via http://de.pocketfives.com.

You will find the page translated into german, a german forum and already a lot of translated articles. Read the brand new recap of the last WSOP days (including the results of some german P5ers).

For those who prefer to read my blog rather in german then in english I have another surprise: You can find now a german version of my blog (in addition to this one) at http://de.pocketfives.com/shadowbj21. And if you are interested in creating your own blog ... one more reason to come over to PocketFives.com! Everybody who is registered there can create his very own Poker-Blog.

See you there!


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