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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Pair counterfeit at the Sunday Million

Played the Sunday Million tonight which was "The largest Sunday Million in PokerStars history" with a prizepool of $2,836,200 and 14,181 players.

Had a decent start but during the 100/200 level I got A3o in the big blind and decided to call a standard raise to 600 in front of me. Flop comes A-5-3 with two spades. As the pot already had a size of 2,000 I bet 1,500 to shut out potential flush draws. One caller. Turn was the Ten of hearts. I bet 2,500 and my opponent put me all in for 5,000 more. I was quite sure that he didn't hit two pair here and called.

He showed AQ for a pair of Aces but another Ten on the River conterfeit my two pair and he won with his Queen kicker. Very unfortunate way to bust out in 12,696th position. These are the hands that make or break your tournament life ... unfortunately this time it broke mine


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