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Friday, July 18, 2008

Cool new feature at PocketFives

I told you that I will keep you updated about changes and new things on the german PocketFives.com pages. This time it's about the P5's blogs (which can be created by everyone who has a P5's account).

We have added a new box in the right column of the forum that shows the top voted blogs. In addition you can reach all blogs very easily from there.

So how do you make your blog appear there? Of course write an interesting text first and then get votes from the other members. Every entry can be rated from 1-5 with the stars next to the blogtitle.

So come over to http://de.pocketfives.com get a blog and let all the other P5ers know about your poker adventures!


Anonymous,  3:30 PM  

Hello Shadow

Please, can you tell me when the next EDPC is? Hopefully you know this?

Shadow 4:19 PM  

No information so far. Don't expect any news before fall.

But of course I will blog about it here as soon as I know more :-)


Anonymous,  10:50 PM  

Thank you very much

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