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Saturday, November 01, 2008

P5s in german discontinued

Sad news for me ... on Thursday it was decided that the german speaking offerings of PocketFives will be stopped immediately.

I am very dissapointed about that decision. I know that the pages weren't as successfull as expected but we had to work on a zero budget. There was a discussion about either spending some money or stopping right now and unfortunately it was decided to stop.

I'm sure with some kind of a budget we could have made this a succesfull offering in the german speaking countries. Of course I am not happy with the way they handled it ... but I think this is still an interesting site worth to visit.

So what are my next plans? The trip to Linz for the next Pokertour event (coming weekend) is already booked and I am looking forward to this. The day before I will play the starting event of the FTOPS X. Not only a 6-max event but also one with an increased starting stack (5.000 chips instead of 3.000). On November 22nd I will play the Beat'em All event at the Casino in Seefeld.

And of course I am trying to find a new job. Hopefully I will be able to work in the poker industry again. If not I have to go back to the computer business. Time will tell.


CuRmBoX 2:42 AM  

Honestly this is a first. Love the blogs ! , In vienna starting up poker as well .. hope to bump into you .. chuss

Queenie 1:41 PM  

Hey, read your P5s post on the blog. Apparently you've worked in the poker industry, maybe looking for a jon there myself. Can I ask what you did? Grtz, Q!

Scots75 7:40 PM  

Hi there,

are you kidding me? Thats bad, really bad. I feel sorry for you!
Good luck finding a place in the industry.

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