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Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter Wonderland in Seefeld

This weekend the "Beat'em All" event took place at Casino Austria. With three places almost in the same distance (Salzburg, Innsbruck and Seefeld) I decided for Seefeld for various reasons: Well run poker room, nice casino and the option to have an extended weekend with my girlfriend to relax. Therefore I choose a slightly better hotel with a decent wellness area. Little did we know at the time we made our arrangements that it would become a real special weekend due to the fact that we should get the first snow of the season.

I picked up my girlfriend at the airport (she just came back from a business trip) and we drove to Seefeld on Friday afternoon. We managed to arrive before the big snow but up in Seefeld it was white already.

On Saturday we had a nice walk through Seefeld while it was snowing heavily (the picture left was taken at noon!) and went swimming before my tournament started.

Unfortunately I lasted only four levels. While the structure was o.k. (5K chips and 30 min. levels) it definately wasn't deep-stack. Therefore not to get any playable hands for more then two levels is really tough. I never managed to get beyond my initial stack. Finally I went all-in from the button with QJs just to get called by the Big Blind who woke up with JJ :-(

It's a real shame. The quality of play was so poor and I wasn't able to take advantage of it. My favorite line: "Do you have the Queen for the straight? I pay because I want to see it" ... Well, no I didn't had the straight that time but my hand was ahead anyways ;-)

Busting in 77th of 100 that played here in Seefeld wasn't what I had expected from the event.

Fortunately we enjoyed our wellness-weekend nevertheless. Had some nice dinner with the girlfriend at the casino restaurant after the tournament. Not cheap but really good ... definately a reccomendation if you are in Seefeld!

The next day the sun was shining down from the blue sky and we had a nice walk throug the snow followed by more swimming, sauna and massage. We completed the weekend with another nice dinner and went back monday morning.

Now looking forward to real deepstack play at the DuskTillDawn in Nottingham in two weeks...


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