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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pokertour in Linz - 4th in Chips after Day 1

How great is that ... I just checked the redraw for day 2 and I am 4th in chips with 77.300! We started yesterday with 139 players in the PlusCity in Linz and are now down to 37.

Usually the Pokertour events happen in a CCC location. But the CCC in Linz is too small for such an event therefore they moved the event into a shopping mall. It's been a long time since I played under these circumstances. The location was a bit noisy until the shops in the mall closed at 9pm and the beverage service of the nearby bar had some problems due to the high amount of players but in general it was an interesting location. Reminded me of the times when we played in public at the Schrannenhalle in Munich.

My starting table had some decent players and some who didn't have a clue and were real calling stations. I was able to take advantage of this somewhat and brought my 10K startingstack up to 15k quite soon. From there not much happend for a long time.

With about 90 players left our table was broken and the new table turned out to be very good for me. Due to some good moves I earned some respect from my opponenents which helped me a lot during the last hours of the play. One amazing play (which I unfortunately can't explain in detail) brought my stack up to 40K. Some more blinds and antes (already 800/1,600 - 200) pumped it up to 52k.

With just half an hour before the day ended I got my share of "luck of the day". With AQ I raised it to 5,000 and got an all-in from a short-stack with 17,000. From the way he had played before I was sure he had a Pocket Pair but decided to take the opportunity this time (he had made this move several times before). I was delighted to see that it was a small pair (33). The Flop brought him a set but also KT. The turn was blank. And the River a Jack! I felt sorry for him as he was one of the very decent players remaining but I was happy to go into day 2 with a big stack instead of a small stack.

My new table for today looks very good. I am chipleader there and my closest opponent has 41K in chips. Blinds start at 1,000/2,000 (300) today and average is around 30K.


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