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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ChipMeUp - first impressions

Recently I told you about ChipMeUp - a new site for staking and becoming staked. Yesterday and today I played my first two events with backers from this site and it was great fun.

My usual MTT-Online-Tournaments are in the $24 range. But thanks to CmU I was able to play the $55 "Daily Eighty Grand" at PokerStars and the $69+6 (6-max) at FullTilt. I got backers for the full 50% I offered in each event and was able to cash in one of the two. My overall ROI at CmU is now 30.77%. Payment and payout are done fast and easily via PokerStars or FullTilt.

So my first impression is very good and I am sure I will try this site more often in future events.

As said before I already have some more events scheduled (including two live events). Still shares available here ;-)


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